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Mexicali Blues: Jerry Garcia Lead Guitar Lesson Video Download


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This video lesson features everything you need to rock out Jerry-style on the Grateful Dead cowboy classic "Mexicali Blues." You'll learn three different takes on the intro lick (early 70s, early 80s, and late 80s), all the in-song fills and licks during the verse and chorus, plus two complete guitar solos. Includes slowed-down video demonstrations of both solos. Slow and fast jamtracks for both solos, plus a full-song jamtrack. And of course complete tablature.

The solos are played over a simple I-V, V-I (similar to Iko Iko) progression, making this tune a great chance to get your hands and head around some killer JG stylings, without having to worry too much about the next chord. This is a really good workout with some nice shred licks, plenty of cool country blues licks, and some excellent soloing concepts.

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