Special Instructions for Iphone and Ipad users:

You can use these lesson files on your Iphone or Ipad, but there are special instructions needed, owing to the proprietary nature of Apple products. Below are recommended procedures for Iphones and Ipads:

1. Download to a computer then sync with I-tunes:

This is the most reliable method for using the files on your device and I highly recommend this method if possible. Download the files to your computer and then sync them to your mobile device via I-tunes.

2. Direct Download Method:

Safari browser does not permit users to download files. In order to purchase and download the lesson files directly to your device, you will need to use a file download app. I recommend the MyMedia browser. With this app you can purchase download and manage all the lesson files. (Update: 9/25/14 --there is some question about current availability of MyMedia browser.)

Another app you can use is called File Manager. The instructions below describe the basic steps using either MyMedia browser or File Manager.


How to use the app with GGL lessons:

1. You should initiate the entire purchase process inside the file browser.

2. Hold your finger over the zip icon (not the download button). This will bring up the download command.

3. Give it a name (not necessary to call it a zip file as the app nicely recognizes what it is.)

4. Once downloaded, tap on the zip file and the app will ask you to unzip it. It will put it all into a folder.

5. Click on the folder and you will see your files.

6. When you go to click on the mp3(jamtrack) and mp4(video) files, the app will ask you to move them into the media section which you should go ahead and do. You can also open these files with another movie or music app. This works but it’s a little sluggish and it doesn’t work with every app.

7. It is recommended that you save the PDF tab file into I-book or another reader app. This way you can go back and forth between the movie file in Mymedia and the tablature. Otherwise, it can be cumbersome going back and forth between files.

If you have problems:

If you have any problems, email me sethfleishman@gmail.com and I'll help you get the files, or refund your money. Please give me some time to respond. I am not always immediately available. But I will make sure you get your lesson, or if necessary, refund your money. Whenever possible I will respond right away, but it could potentially take me up to 48 hours to respond. I WILL respond so please be patient.

I want you to be completely satisfied! If there is any issue, please email me, and I will get back to you ASAP and help you work out the issue.

Thanks so much.

Seth Fleishman