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High Time: Acoustic Jamming Lesson Video Download



This lesson features a detailed look at the Garcia/Hunter classic, "High Time," applied to the acoustic guitar. Taking inspiration from the studio recording, this lesson provides an opportunity to practice tasteful and specific rhythm guitar playing. You will learn how to play a clean and precise bass-strum pattern (JG-style). You will also learn how to play a piano-like ornamental style of rhythm guitar (Weir-style).

Finally, we'll take a look at how to craft a melodic guitar solo over the verse and chorus.

This lesson covers everything you need to know to jam acoustically-Jerry or Bobby Style--on this great song. Includes complete tablature and jamtracks-- one with lead vocals and one without.

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Each lesson will be a downloadable ZIP file that contains:

- A video file in MP4 format. If your media player won't play the file, you can download the free Real Player, VLC player or Apple Quick Time player .

- A txt or pdf file containing tablature.

- An mp3 jam track that you can use to play along with and practice. (Some exceptions apply.)

Use your favorite ZIP file program (WINZip, Stuffit, etc) to extract the files to your computer.