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Friend of the Devil: Acoustic Jamming Lesson Video Download



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This lesson features an in-depth look at the Grateful Dead classic, "Friend of the Devil." There is more here than you might think. We'll look at the famous intro lick (and the verse, chorus, and bridge) with three different levels of difficulty, developing solid strumming technique with integrated bass lines and rhythmically interesting strumming patterns. The advanced level features a "crosspicking" technique that will take your alternate picking--and your strumming--to the next level.

And we'll check out Bob Weir's highly original and intricate acccompaniment. Sometimes Bobby seemed at his best in this role--creating complimentary parts to play on Garcia compositions. This song is a great example of Weir's work in this domain.

And last, we'll check out a simple yet theory-based approach to soloing on the tune, whether it's the fast version or the slow version. The tempo is based on the fast version, but it is slowed down just enough to let you pick up the ideas and run with them.

Lesson includes TWO videos of instruction, over TEN PAGES of tablature, PLUS TWO MP3 jamtracks to use for practicing--one of the complete song, and one of just the verse and chorus, for soloing. Download a lesson today!



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