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Franklin's Tower: Bob Weir Rhythm Guitar Lesson Video Download


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This video lesson features the unique rhythm guitar style of Bob Weir applied to the Grateful Dead classic "Franklin's Tower." Check out how Bobby's comping patterns follow the phrasing structure of the song, including during the solo. Learn some of the unique chord shapes that Bobby used, hammer-on licks, fills, slides--all the stuff that makes Bobby so original.

This lesson includes tablature of important scales, chords, licks, and phrases. You also get a jam track mp3--a backing track that you can use to practice. Download a lesson today!

This is one of the original ten lessons offered on the opening day of GGL. I've made a lot of improvements since then, so I've decided to offer the "original ten" at a discounted price.



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- A txt or pdf file containing tablature.

- An mp3 jam track that you can use to play along with and practice. (Some exceptions apply.)

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