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Fire on the Mountain: Jerry Garcia Lead Guitar Lesson Video Download


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This video lesson features the deceptively simple solo section from 2nd set gasser "Fire on the Mountain." Sure, it's a two-chord progression---a couple of scales will do, right? Not exactly. Even when a song is harmonically simple, the challenge is in applying improvisational concepts to make the solo artistically pleasing. In fact, sometimes the simpler the song structure, the harder that is to do.

In this lesson, you will investigate Jerry's use of phrasing, and how having a phrasing structure can help you develop better solos, and how it can also help the band gel and peak together. You'll look at how Jerry uses elements of the song as the raw material for his solo, so that each solo for each song has its own identity. This lesson comes with tablature and a jam track mp3, plus a slowed down solo video and a slow jamtrack. Download a lesson today!



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