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"You have no idea how much these lessons mean to me. I have only purchased Sugaree 1&2 so far (I happen to be in school right now so I do not have much time to practice) but I will be buying every song you put out there. This past year, I have tried to work on my theory and tried to figure out some of the Jerry stuff...some bluegrass stuff etc. You tube is some pretty coolshit, but no-one...I mean NO-ONE comes close to teaching (and explaining) this stuff the way you do!! - Brian C.
"Thanks Seth these lessons are awesome thanks again for taking my playing to another level! " - Ross J.
"If I keep buying these things my wife is going to think I need an intervention. Really like the Weir Sugaree. You've really nailed my absolute favorite era of Weir's playing...I just love that sound." - John H.
"Hey Seth, Great stuff! That Peggy-O is going to tear down some walls for sure. I've hit a wall recently and this is good." - Chris S.
"I purchased Franklins Tower Jerry lead from you and it was/is worth EVERY penny. Helped my playing and understanding immensely. Thank you so much. Can't wait to pick up a few more titles from you! On a side note, my Dad's a 63 year old retiree that's been playing for 50 years and he just loves your stuff. I started playing a little over 2 years ago, and we walk through your videos together (kind of a bonding thing). I can tell when he feels like somebody does a good job and knows what they are talking about. You have a couple of big fans out here in Colorado! Seth, thank you so much, your efforts on these videos are so appreciated." - Jim T
"Thanks for doing these lessons. Love to learn the style and how the melody articulates with the progression and the solo structure deriving from the chord shapes. Even though I hope you continue to add new lessons, the current material will take me forever to absorb. Grateful for the great lessons." - Michael L.
"Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I'm enjoying your Bobby lessons. They're exactly what I've been looking for! Keep 'em coming...--Paul C.
"I learn more from your lessons than I do from 10+ lessons from other teachers that I have taken lessons from. And you go over so much licks and theory that it will be great food for practice for months to come. I really appreciate your lessons and so glad that you are doing this for the community!" -- Kyle F.
"I just wanted to give you a shout out for the Grateful Dead guitar lessons. You really went the extra mile on the Bobby, "Sugaree" and the Jerry Sugaree's and I really applaud your efforts (I have focused on Sugaree to start as it is a great song to learn to jam to etc. I will get to the rest of the lessons soon). I am having soooooo much fun learning to play in the Dead's style and your lessons are just what the good doctor ordered.... Anyway, like stranger's stopping strangers, just to shake their hand, I just wanted to thank you for playing in the heart of gold band. Keep up the inspiration and the good work. You are helping to create more joy in the world and what is more worthy than that?" -- Chris J.
"Seth, these are excellent lessons. I find the tablature and the videos to be well done and informative. The Mp3 track is also VERY helpful. You seem to be able to duplicate Jerry's style better than anyone I have seen on the web. Can I just tell you how long I have been trying to learn the finger picking to Peggy-o? Looking for it on you tube and such. My mouth dropped to the floor. I am buying that tomorrow. What a great idea to do this." -- Barry M.
"The lessons ROCK! And…your playing is awesome.Keep them coming, and I'll keep buying. I'm playing with a group of guys who play mostly rock covers with 20% GD. I've been on the bus since '81, and am having a blast learning everything I can in the Jerry style. The jazz lessons/theory helps, but the phrasing lessons and breakdowns are priceless." -- Martin B.
"As a long time deadhead and hobby guitarist I am very grateful for these lessons. They are reasonably priced and I like combination of Video / Tab / Jam track. I especially appreciate your inclusion of music theory. I don’t know how long you have been selling these downloads but I wish you continued success." -- Andrew B.
"Thank you so much for what you do. I'm completely self-taught and don't know a thing about music theory. Can't read sheet music. I've just picked stuff up here and there over the years. Your lessons have elevated me to a new plateau, and I'm starting to grasp some theory as well. As I've always been "strictly rhythm", the Bobby lessons are a huge help. Plus the Jerry lessons are making me learn scales! Keep on doing what you do!" -- Andrew R.
"I have been playing for a long time but still find your lessons absolutely awesome. KEEP IT UP! I haven't seen too many people capture Bobby's style very well. You nail it my friend." - Christopher P.
"Let the music play the band !! Stayed up waay too late last night, diving into the Franklins - Jerry lesson after downloading. I am able to get into 'the zone', but always missing some of the finer, if you will, stuff. Your explanations of JG's style and approach is most enlightening and very understandable for someone without much music theory in their pocket." - Jeff K.
"Thanks for doing such wonderful job in "decoding" Jerry's complex, yet tasty style. The lesson's are really thoughtful and tie together a lot of jazzy knowledge I've partially absorbed over the years and connect it to something meaningful — the thought process behind Jerry's sophisticated soloing abilities. Well done!" - Dave B.
"I'm sure that you get a ton of email, but I wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the great lessons. I'm especially grateful for your soon to be released acoustic jamming lessons. As a strictly acoustic player, I'm looking forward to your pending releases in this space. Thank you for providing your lessons. They are a great tool, and they are helping me achieve something I never thought possible all those years ago watching the boys play. You do great work. Keep them coming." - Joel K.
"I just want to once again say thanks for the great lessons. As a 15 year veteran of the guitar, I can easily say I've learned more in the last year from these lessons then in the previous 14 years combined. As the "Jerry" of my playing circle, I am finally starting to really grasp the art of the guitar solo." - Tom R.
"I just wanted to drop you a line and say how much I appreciate what you’re doing! I have been playing for over 20 years. I am mostly an ear player, and although I got Jerry’s feel down a long time ago I could never really crack his licks. I had been wishing for years I could find somebody that could break it down for me so I could incorporate Jerry’s style into my own. Well done Seth! I attached a clip of me doing the Scarlet solo so you could hear one of your pupil’s progress. Thanks a million!" - John H.
"Thanks for your hard work. It's very much appreciated! I started off as a deadhead, stumbled onto Old and In the Way, and finally turned to bluegrass once Jerry was gone. Bluegrass has forced me to learn musical discipline (read here timing and melody). I love returning back to the dead now that I've got some chops and your site and vids are the best I've ever seen. I love how you reference theory and your musical knowledge is fantastic. Once again, thanks for your hard work and inspiration (move me brightly)." - Mark M.
"I've been listening to and playing this music all of my adult life. With so much free instructional material on the Web, I hesitated at spending the $9 for these lessons. But your site definitely proves the old adage: You get what you pay for. The lessons are clear, the information is invaluable -- going far beyond merely teaching how to play a particular version of a tune or solo -- and it is obvious that between the tab, the videos, and the jam tracks, a lot of care and effort has gone into these lessons. Thanks and keep up the good work!" - Bob F.

"You da man, keep it up. I'm working my way through the catalog. It's great!" - Lance H.

"You totally rock. Love your work." - David K.
"Thanks, man, for putting this stuff out there. Speaking as a guy who loves the guitar and has a lot of respect for Garcia's playing (but isn't really a "deadhead"), this is fantastic shit! I have played a lot of guitar for years, and I'd bet I am like a lot of "pretty good" amateurs in that my big weakness is my sense of melodic phrasing. Whether you're a Dead devotee or not, your lessons are a HUGE help. It's really helped me to get out of the rut of simplistic phrasing. " - Tom F.
"I have to tell you - your lessons are really fantastic. There's so much to learn in them and your tabs, backing tracks, and videos are super helpful. Keep 'em coming! I will continue to buy them for sure." - Scott C.
"Thanks, Seth. Truly awesome stuff." - Jonas N.
"Seth, I can't begin to tell you what a difference you have made in my playing! Thanks for moving me brightly!!" - Dave W.

"These lessons are absolutely sick! You break down the style of the guy I saw so many times in concert over the years in a manner that anyone can understand. Your blues overview immediately reminded me of a JGB show I saw at the lunt fontaine in NYC when I was a young-buck. I normally write my own songs, but have returned to the reason I picked up a guitar in the first place. Thanks setting me on track to do my boy Jerry's tunes justice when I play them out for all the KINE folk in North County San Diego. Got some sheddin' to do!" - Mark O.

"Hey Seth - Just an old Deadhead/guitar-player who wants to congratulate you on the quality of your lessons. I like that you give Weir his due. I think the Dead were always underrated and Bob especially so. Great job." - Kevin F.

"Hey Seth, Just bought Sugaree Jerry's rhythm next is Sugaree lead, then Loser. I'm making the most progress on playing & learning with your lessons. Great instruction." - David M.

Seth, I just want to say thanks. You put together a nice set of materials for a decent price and you answer email timely. I'm planning to order the new materials because I do like Cumberland Blues and Estimated Prophet. Thanks and keep up the great work. - Paul M.

"I just wanted to congratulate you on gratefulguitarlessons 2nd anniversary. I am the proud owner of 20 of your guitar lessons. I
think I started December 2011. I have learned many grate licks from these lessons and like you say I've learned "why the stuff works". It’s been an awesome mind opener.

You see I'm on a Christian church worship team (one that is not imposed of personal expression) and to improvise is a must. You Sir have been helping me to get there. The hippies of the old Jesus Movement love to hear those kind Jerry/Bobby riffs. I love to find a different ways to, as you say, "Skin-the-Old-Cat" or add in a little "Razzle Dazzle" while playing guitar. I get complements weekly.

So from my wife and kids, and myself; we’d like to say thank to you, bless you (along with Cheryl and Benjamin) and, may you prosper and have a fruitful life." - Dave S.

"Seth - These lessons are great. Especially since you explain the theory which is what I am more interested in the choices I have when I improvise and why. Thanks." - John K.

Hey Seth, Love your lessons, they are really helping me understand Bob Weir's style, he is after all one of my favorite guitarists. Keep up the good work! - Konrad K.

"Grabbed Estimated, Eyes and Shakedown while I was on the site. I appreciate your lessons so much and really enjoyed your envelope filter rundown. I wanted to just add thank you for these meaty and thoughtful lessons. I'm really enjoying them and getting alot out of them." - Shawn D.

"Just found you online yesterday when I decided to dig into Jack-a-Roe. Hands down one of the best guitar lessons I've ever seen anywhere. Super detailed and logical tab and I love that you are teaching to play the changes Jerry style and outlining all of the concepts as far as root -fifth and the thirds. Well worth the money. Consider me a super-satisfied customer who will be back soon." - Ronald H.

"Hey Seth-I just wanted to say thanks man! Your instructional videos are the best. I feel like you are sitting in the room with me. You make Jerry’s complex playing style achievable." - Keith D.

" I wanted to say thank you- again- for what you do. I did finally take the plunge and purchased your Althea lesson (rhythm lesson). In a word- perfect. So many "lessons" for the dead out there- paid, free but in the end, no one is as accurate as you and that's just the bottom line.

"You are a very qualified instructor of your craft and this is what sets you apart; you know the material because you have figured it all out correctly and you are able to teach it to the rest of us... clearly you are one of those few that combines the actual skill with the love of the music and the gift of teaching." - Andrew K.

"I have been trying to learn Jerry for ever but I just can't slow most of what he does down enough to catch my brain and fingers on the same level. I've watched hundreds of clowns on youtube try to provide a lesson but they always seem to be more talk than play and quite groggy....none have been as beneficial as what you have provided. By far the best and most effective way to conquer those blazing Jerry licks, one after another, is sitting thru your lesson with the tabs. Thanks a lot man!!" - Anthony D.


"My name is Jeremiah and I am a music teacher. I recently joined a band and they/we play a lot of grateful dead songs. So I am lucky to have found your site and lessons. I just want to tell you that you are a really great guitar player and teacher. I love the way you present and organize the lessons. I have purchased a few and I'm sure will be getting many more as I progress...You are doing an amazing job! Keep up the good work and rock on." - Jeremiah R.


"I want to thank you for these lessons. I've been playing for years, mostly by ear, and never learned much theory or foundation. I've been in a rut and ready to give up on guitar. I decided I'd actually pursue theory and get help from someone who knows what I do not know. The lessons, along with private study, are a catalyst.

All the years of playing and a lifetime of listening and hearing have finally begun to come together with the lessons. I've found I'm a better guitarist than I was giving myself credit for. I was totally lacking in direction and bummed out about the musical space I was in. Repeatedly hitting my guitar head against the same brick wall.

With the lessons (particularly 10 steps to Jerry style blues) I found several doors in that wall that were invisible before. Walking through those doors has expanded my knowledge, my confidence, my technique and maybe most importantly my ENJOYMENT of playing. All the reasons, mystery and excitement I felt when I first started playing guitar are reawakened now! It's fucking awesome!

It really helps that the lessons are framed around GD tunes and Jerry styles. Music I've known and loved for forty years. It makes a huge difference. I was studying with a classical guitarist and the theory he was teaching felt really abstract and clinical and I couldn't apply it to anything practical. Also, it was NOT fun and a big turn off.

Man, I want to WANT to learn, I want to be excited by learning and applying that knowledge and gaining more and more experience.

So, thank you for providing these fantastic lessons. They truly are a huge component in changes and growth I'm going through, both musically and personally (both are intertwined for me)." - Tyler T.

Your approach lessons and knowledge of the GD songs is perfect and what I needed.
The band I recently started with plays several dead songs of which I listen to but never played live or learned for that matter. Your lessons saved me. Big time. Worth every penny. Cannot thank you enough. - Joe B.

I purchased some lessons from you a couple of months ago and just purchased some more today. I just wanted to thank you and let you know they are really helping me. I am 45 years old and have been playing since I was 15. I started going to see Jerry when I was 17. Probably saw about 50 shows of Grateful Dead and Jerry Band, and pretty much listen to nothing but.
I love playing guitar and have never had any instruction. I pretty much pick stuff up on my own and really struggle with getting lost when I start soloing.
Your lessons really have helped me start to get heading in the right direction. It's helping me to learn not only how to play the song but a reason why it's being played that way. That's something I have struggled with for many years.
So I just wanted to send you a big thank you! I really appreciate what you're doing with this stuff. -- Kevin W.
Again, Thank You very much,

I’ve been working through a bunch of your lessons over the last couple of months and they are truly amazing. Combining the lessons and revisiting them has been a tremendous help and has had a notable improvement in my playing across the board. Even my wife admitted it! I would consider myself a solid intermediate and your lessons are the perfect level and the perfect mix of theory, applicability and GD repertoire. Please keep up the good work!

Sending you a big hug from a fan and follower. -- Jose V.

First off, you’re an awesome player and a really cool teacher, great sense of humor.

I bought one rhythm lesson last week, Franklin’s Tower (Bobby Rythm). Any other teacher could have taken the easy road on this an taught two patterns (voicings) and called it a day. The fact that you broke it down across the fretboard (same way Bobby approaches his playing) was awesome. You added so much value and opened a lot of doors in my playing in just that one lesson, -thanks man. I got through the lesson in a day and was playing along with the Jam track, right away (really nice to have this for practice and working things out). At any rate, I’m hooked, I’m off to buy some more lessons, I’m gonna move into the Jerry soloing and grab another song to learn. Just wanted to say thank you for putting this together and keeping the music alive. -- Alberto G.


Hey Seth,

I recently discovered your grateful guitar lessons and I just wanted to reach out to personally tell you how much value they have to me! I have been playing guitar for awhile but only within the last few years did I get hooked on the dead, and Jerry's playing. And man did I get obsessed. I have been painstakingly transcribing out solos for awhile which has benefitted me. I tend to think looking up tabs is sort of like cheating, and often times the tabs are wrong. Regardless, with your lessons, I don't feel like I'm cheating or taking a short cut at all. Your explanations are so on point that it feels like a future version of myself is teaching me. I just get it. So far I have only downloaded your Estimated Prophet lesson, which I am working on and find incredible. Don't worry, I will be back for more real soon. Please keep this page alive forever! -- Ryan S.

Hi Seth,

I am writing to tell you how much pleasure I am having learning jerry and bob parts from your lessons. My son and I are having such fun learning and playing the parts together. Thanks! - Ray S.


Hey Seth,

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the lessons. My buddy and I have been working on learning Bobby and Jerry's individual parts for a while. He's a way better guitar player than me, but your Bobby lessons have taken my game way up. We'd been working on Help/Slip for weeks when I found your site, downloaded the lesson and we've been rocking it out at every practice since.

I know a little theory, but the way you use it to explain why what you're doing works and why he played what he did have helped me put things together and are helping to give me a whole new understanding. Well worth the price. I just bought two more today and will continue to use your lessons. I've been recommending your site to friends.

So thanks again! Keep up the good work. --Quentin T.

Hey now, Seth!

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you. I found your site on a lark, and it's been an absolute boon to my playing. I've taken your Scarlet, Fire, and early 70's-style GDTRFB lessons so far (and, am about to get started on Shakedown). The lessons are truly awesome. The combination of the full-speed and slowed-down examples, the walkthrough, and the tab make learning these leads fun and relatively easy. They're also inspiring when it comes to learning additional scales and theory. I have friends that are blown away by my ability to play some of these things, and with the leaps by which my playing and skill level have improved over the past two months. I'm looking forward to picking up a bunch more of the song lessons, as well as the 'Finding the melody' lesson, which I'm really excited about, actually.

In any case, I really just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put into these. They're more than worth what you ask in return, and I think they're the best Grateful Dead lessons anywhere. And, they really are bringing me an incredible amount of joy, pride, and thrills.

Be well -- Dan C.


You do fine work. I’m about a quarter through your catalog and I’ve never been disappointed. -- Greg. K


Seth: Just a quick note to thank you for your lessons. It is exactly what I was looking for – theory, technique, tabs, the whole bit.


A bit older than you, my first show was 1979 in San Jose and then Oakland. Saw Donna, then dove in from 1980 to 1984 –
Was in Berkeley CA and saw everything I could within 100 miles.

I’m enjoying the lessons and a chance to peek behind the curtain of Jerry’s music.-- Ryan L.


Can't tell you how hooked I am on the Jerry lessons. And it's really cool noticing Jerry do a lot of the things I've learned. For example, on Big River, Jerry hits this countryish lick, that I actually learned from the Jerry Blues video, which I never would have noticed or been able to pick out, had I not studied that video. Also -- just noticing how he recognizes every chord change in Big River (usually by hitting the major 3rd). This may be simple for some, but for me, noticing these things is really big and satisfying. Without all this Jerry study, I would have just played the song in A blues, and it would have sounded shitty! Now -- it's more a matter of learning it all over the neck and phrasing in different ways -- and you know -- practicing thousands of hours to get really good at it . . . . speaking of which -- I'm getting back to it!

Thanks again. -- Jed G.


Hi Seth

I have been buying lessons from you for a couple of years now, and bought three more today.

I just wanted to say that you do a really awesome job. Your lessons are far superior than anyone else online. The care with which you do the actual lessons, the detail in the pdfs, and of course the awesome jam tracks.

Thanks so much. I have learned so much from you. -- James. J

Hi Seth,

I LOVE your lessons. You have opened up a whole aspect to Bob & Jerry's playing that mere mortals, such as myself, just can't hear - never mind play. You really have a feel for the music and thanks to you I am slowly "getting it".

I have really enjoyed every lesson I've watched of yours.

Thank you very much

Peace -- Les S.

Hey good morning Seth, my name is Matthew and I just recently purchased your lesson for Dire Wolf. I have to say I was very skeptical about paying the 15$ price for one song lesson, but it was worth it. I learned a lot of good info and techniques from this and you are spot on with your playing. I like how you lay out the tabs on the pdf and include the jam tracks. Anyway thank you I'll get a few more lessons from you in the future. Peace:) - Matt B.
Much thanks to you, had a VERY successful couple of gigs as “Bobby"!

Your lessons are INCREDIBLY valuable, and I appreciate all the hard work you put into putting these out! -- Scott M.

Just wanted to thank you for what you do. I started working through your lessons a couple years ago and it has changed my life. Really enjoy working through both Bob and Jerry's parts. My playing has improved dramatically and I have recently started a band for the first time in my life at Age 47. -- Neil S.
Hey Seth:

Thanks so much for having all of these videos for sale. I play in a Dead tribute band... I play the role of Weir and your expertise has been so helpful to learning what he's all about, especially in terms of intricate voicings, patterns, riffs, well my development as a guitar player, in general. I don't think most people realize how great of a player Bobby was and continues to be. Again, your video lessons are so helpful and fun to dig into. - Frank R.



Such great stuff you are putting out there. Worth every penny! Thanks for your deadication to this great music and for getting the know how into the hands of guitarists. There nothing else out there that comes close.


Kyle M.

I'm 10 minutes into the Jerry Lead Lesson 1. I must say, Seth, you're quite talented. This solo is quintessential Jerry! I really like how you incorporate music theory and the phrasing behind the solo. Good stuff, man! Having fun :-) Thank you! - K. Judd
Hi Seth - You have really hit the mark with these short and to the point lessons. By focusing on the fundamental and essential elements of the tune and style, a person wanting to learn can do it without getting bogged down with TMI. - Scot W.

thx so much. I've been having great fun and overall improvement in skills. thanks for your talent and keep more lessons coming                                                                                                                                                                                              -John M.

Just discovered your website and lessons and am absolutely loving it. Been looking for theory and practice about Jerry's style for many, many years and have finally found your absolutely terrific lessons and website. Thank you, thank you, thank you. - Glenn A.
Hey Seth,

Just a quick note to say thank you for GratefulGuitarLessons! You’re a great teacher and the only source I’ve found for learning how the Boys actually played. Kudos! - Jeremy W.



Just wanted to drop a note and say thanks for the lessons. I've learned a ton from them. I loved the Bobby parts for GDTRFB and Bertha. Working on Jerry's parts for Brown Eyed Women and 10 Steps Blues (TWLWMYD). Awesome stuff! - Doug. O


I truly enjoyed learning going down the road feelin bad early 70's style. I really like the way you have structured an other wise very fluid style in order to explain it. If Jerry had continued on into the 21st century he may have simplified his playing and gone back to the earlier styles. I feel very good about learning from you. there is a joy inherent in your approach that reminds me of the man himself! - Doug S.