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Eyes of the World: Jerry Garcia Lead Guitar Lesson Trilogy Video Download



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Here are the three "Eyes of the World" lead guitar lessons all in one place--The Intro Solo, The First Verse Solo, and the Second Verse Solo. This bundle includes three complete lessons, featuring the work of Jerry Garcia during some of his highest peaks of creativity and technical ability. The Intro Solo features a highly articulated, fast-paced solo circa 1977. The First Verse Solo features the seasoned greatness of Jerry circa 1989, and the Second Verse Solo features a raw and vibrant Garcia, circa 1973.

To execute "Jerry-style" solos on this tune, you need to play at a pretty fast tempo, AND you need to keep the ideas flowing, without many pauses or opportunities to stop and think about it. In these lessons you will take an in-depth look at scales to use, improvisational concepts such as phrasing, motif, sequencing, target notes, and more.

These lessons includes tablature and a jam track mp3--a backing track that you can use to practice soloing.  Each lesson also includes a SLOWED-DOWN video demonstration of the solo, plus a SLOW jamtrack.  Download the bundle today!


Each lesson will be a downloadable ZIP file that contains:

- A video file in MP4 format. If your media player won't play the file, you can download the free Real Player, VLC player or Apple Quick Time player .

- A txt or pdf file containing tablature.

- An mp3 jam track that you can use to play along with and practice. (Some exceptions apply.)

Use your favorite ZIP file program (WINZip, Stuffit, etc) to extract the files to your computer.