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Cumberland Blues: Jerry Garcia Lead Guitar Lesson: "Country Shred" Video Download



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Did somebody say "shred?" Oh yeah, baby! Normally, when someone mentions shred guitar, you might think of some hairspray band with pointy guitars and leather pants, but Jerry had his own brand of shred that he could insert into a variety of songs and settings. Here he adds speedy, staccato flair to the second solo in "Cumberland Blues", employing some of his go-to shred licks to build excitement.

As usual, it's not mere hacking. Garcia is articulate and tasty, and builds a solo that makes thematic sense. In this lesson, you'll break down a few different shred licks and see what makes them tick. You'll pick up other Garcia trademarks as well, including how to build tension and peaks into your solos.

If you're looking to play "Cumberland Blues" or just want to cop some classic Jerry "shred" licks, this is a great opportunity to learn how to do it. Download a lesson today!



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