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Cumberland Blues: Jerry Garcia Lead Guitar Lesson: "Country Major" Video Download



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This video lesson features an early 70s style solo from the Grateful Dead classic "Cumberland Blues." This is last solo in the tune, after the bridge. This solo has a sweeter vibe than the other two, emphasizing the major feel over the dominant.

It's interesting to see much of Garcia's trademark style already in bloom in this early solo. The tempo is peppy, and Garcia keeps the solo moving at a fast clip, without ever resorting to cheap ploys. As always, he's using articulate phrasing, establishing motifs, and connecting it all together. You'll learn some tasty country licks. You'll gain insight into how to take just one scale and really pull a lot out of it, with never-ending variation and permutation.

This lesson includes tablature and a jam track mp3--a backing track that you can use to practice soloing. Also included is a SLOWED-DOWN video demonstration of the solo, and a SLOW jamtrack.  Download a lesson today!



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