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Going Down The Road Feeling Bad: Jerry Garcia Lead Guitar Lesson Trilogy Video Download


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This bundle includes all three "GDTRFB" lead guitar lessons--Early 70s Style, Mid 70s Style, and Late 80s Style, PLUS the "End Jam" BONUS VIDEO. This bundle includes THREE complete lessons (plus a BONUS lesson), featuring shining examples of Jerry Garcia's creativity and technical ability.

GDTRFB: Early 70s Style features a look at early Jerry's style and approach to improvisation on this song. Some of the main ingredients are there--incorporating melody, hitting chord tones, connecting phrases. Jerry's playing around this time had more in common with the Allman Brothers than it would by the mid-70s, when his own sound and style was in full bloom. This solo uses just a few simple scales, but it's all Jerry needed to create a distinct and memorable solo.

GDTRFB: Mid 70s Style features some fast picking the first time around, and then chord soloing for the next two times around, where Jerry creates some driving, Chuck Berry-inspired rock and roll sounds, with his own unique twists. You will use chord shapes up and down the neck to create entire solos using just chords.

GDTRFB: Late 80s Style is an example of Jerry at his sparkling best. The solo crackles with energy. It's bright, sophisticated, melodic, filled with tasty Jerry-style licks, and he's hitting all the bases. Three times around using three different scale positions.

GDTRFB: BONUS VIDEO: End Jam provides some ideas for improvising the coda, based on "And We Bid You Goodnight." You'll look at two different variations, and review ideas regarding chord shapes and chord tones so that you can improvise your own melodies over this section.

These lessons includes tablature and a jam track mp3--a backing track that you can use to practice soloing.  Each lesson also includes a SLOW-MOTION video demonstration of the solo, plus a SLOWED-DOWN jamtrack.  Download the bundle today!


Each lesson will be a downloadable ZIP file that contains:

- A video file in MP4 format. If your media player won't play the file, you can download the free Real Player, VLC player or Apple Quick Time player .

- A txt or pdf file containing tablature.

- An mp3 jam track that you can use to play along with and practice. (Some exceptions apply.)

Use your favorite ZIP file program (WINZip, Stuffit, etc) to extract the files to your computer.