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10 Steps to 'Jerry-style' Blues: Jerry Garcia Lead Guitar Lesson Video Download



***Includes TWO videos, TWO jam tracks, plus SEVEN pages of tablature--you get TWO downloads for one big lesson.***

Jerry's approach to playing blues, particularly with the JGB, incorporates several elements of jazz improvisation, executed in his own distinctive style. In this lesson, we'll examine ten key elements that make up Jerry's approach to the blues. Not surprisingly, many of these concepts apply not only to Jerry's approach to blues, but his approach to improvisation in general.

This lesson will help you identify and understand the concepts that make "Jerry-style" blues distinctive. We'll also examine Jerry's jazzed approach to rhythm-comping the blues, so you can add that extra "Jerry-style" flavor to the rhythm section. Download a lesson today!



Each lesson will be a downloadable ZIP file that contains:

- A video file in MP4 format. If your media player won't play the file, you can download the free Real Player, VLC player or Apple Quick Time player .

A txt or pdf file containing tablature.

- An mp3 jam track that you can use to play along with and practice. (Some exceptions apply.)

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